"Steyer has penned a vital wake-up call for parents and government. He is a champion of both kids and the digital revolution. But he's neither giddy nor an apologist. He recognizes that companies like Facebook and Google and video game makers sway our kids, how they think and read and study and behave. If you're a parent and want some shrewd tips on parenting in this digital age and how to protect your children, read this book."

Ken Auletta
Author of Googled: The End of the World as We Know It

In this courageous book, Jim Steyer pulls no punches. Whether or not you agree with his critique of Facebook and its Silicon Valley siblings, you must grapple with the deep issues that he raises.

Howard Gardner
Harvard Graduate School of Education

"For two decades Jim Steyer has been among the most prescient commentators about media and our children's lives, providing essential advice to parents about how to navigate these treacherous digital interactions. If Jim's approach has a fault it is tremendous faith in information to empower parents. What a wonderful faith to have."

Ezekiel J. Emanuel
M.D., Ph.D.

"Smart, savvy, sophisticated, down-to-earth. A book that parents and children can read together. A conversation-starter for families."

Sherry Turkle
Author of Alone Together

"Jim Steyer is a relentless advocate for kids. Focusing on how the media intersects with their lives, Jim boldly takes on the issues, exploring the good, the bad, and the ugly alike—always the first to begin the conversation. I urge every parent to read this book, so that we can be prepared to navigate how new forms of media and communication are transforming children’s lives."

Cyma Zarghami
President, Nickelodeon Group

"As a parent and founder of an organization working to empower Internet consumers to protect themselves, [Steyer] brings a pragmatic approach to managing adolescent Internet activity. A useful, nuts-and-bolts handbook for concerned parents."

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